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  • Front Desk, Night watch $ 10 25 hours a week, work the job at night, from 11 pm to 7 am, I was working at the desk if someone comes to check in and security at the same time. The only hard thing was that you need to be awake whole night. :-) Dishwasher $ 9 to 50 hours a week, there were three of us in the kitchen, one in the pans, the other was rinsing plates of food with water and hose and puting them in the dishwasher, and the third oan was extracting the dishes for taking it to chefs. We changed positions every day. It was hard, because the hotel one of the top 3 on the island and the kitchen was huge. The good side is that we had free food and we had 15 dishes to choose. :-) Moped MAN 9 $ 60 hours a week, I started a job before the end of August because there were a lot of guests in the hotel and the manager said that one of the three of us had to let go, and I picked up, I think the dish in the kitchen. Job was to give instructions on how to run a scooter, where the gas, brakes, etc. After 2 weeks shop was closed, and transferred me to the main one where they were cars and bikes. I was doing the same job with the car and bikes. Believe me, people did not know what are the brakes on a bicycle. There were cases when they say I do not need a demo, I have a big motor home, and then they crush. :-)

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