Nantucket Meat and Fish Market

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  • The shift shortens, doesn't pay off, doesn't return the deposit, he has stolen us for accommodation. Manipulator and liar.

  • First, he did not provide us with basic living conditions. It was the end of May when we came in and cold, we did not have heating in the house, pillows, blanket, one tin, a vial and two cases (knowing that 16 people would live in the house), we also did not have the internet, just the shower, enough not? Secondly, the schedule was not as in the contract but smaller, and the rent is higher. Third, the shift schedule was only settled after a month of requests and hacking. Many times he sent home people because he had "enough" people. Comments that are not suitable primarily as an unexpected person who has a child, and then as an employer. Everything was happened there, so if you have this offer, skip it, this is my advice, you will not hear a bad experience only from me but also from others (the other 15).

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