Motel 6

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  • At this motel I worked housekeeping, it was great, the employer was ok, although the manager there had some problems with finishing the papers on time (they changed it from what I heard). Otherwise everything was okay.

  • I don't now where to start, when I arrived everything looks great, the room I got was really nice and clean. Big tv, small fridge, room on average hotel level. And everything else was disaster, nice said, on that position in the morning on the beginning of the shift first we went to the Laundry, where we helped with preparing stuff for that day, for cleaning the rooms, somebody would put things in washing and drying machines, and other would put things nice in trolleys we used to transfer all supplies, actually that part of job wasn't so bad, because the beginning was nice, it wasn't like you begin right now to work hard. And now is starting the interesting part, the biggest problem was that was Motel, which means that the prices for night was very low and everyone can afford, so you can expect that the rooms are rent by scum. From people who come there with lover, prostitute, to pimps and prostitutes who have their rooms and bring there their costumers. Drug dilling and other similar thing which doesn't make you to feel safe. One of my colleague was attending a drug dilling , while other found an syringe under the bed while cleaning the room... All in all the place I will not recommend to anyone to go. When you wanted to call police for that things, they called our manager who has the police on the payroll. Everything was so well hidden that it would not accidentally muddle the reputation of the motel. My friend with whom I went there and I decided to change that employer after 10 days, the sponsoring agency allowed us, but after that there was a problem finding another job. They offered us to go to Tennessee to some hole, which we of course refused, and then they told us "That's what we can offer for now" (all lucky, I have aunt in Chicago, who is 1 hour drive away), and when I mentioned that and said that we would go there for a few days until we could find something, they said that we can do it and try to get to it, but we have 10 days to get them to make a decision. As we started looking for a job in Chicago, we found a Housekeeping deal who refused us after all because he did not follow all the rules he has to be.. So, for the next 15 days, we had no official work, but we did something for a little while, so that we could get up and have some money. Not to forget, during this time, I never received a paycheck from the Motel where we were working before, they simply were not willing to pay us until mid-September when I finally got my paycheck for those 10 days of work. In any case, it was not fairly fabulous experience, but luck, so I got to Chicago, met wonderful people, got hired at a Lebanese restaurant as a server, where my bosses saw me as if I were their son.

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