Marriott’s Willow Ridge Lodge

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  • The hotel is great, the people who work there too! Housekeeping is not easy, especially since it takes a certain speed to get everything in time, and it really took me 3 months to start finishing my rooms on time, although we almost always received lower number of rooms. However, the manager was overwhelmed because they did not expect students to do anything more, and most of them went from housekeeping, so everyone knows what it looks like. I worked in laundry when they had excess people in housekeeping, it's not too hard, but you're always cluttered with towels and linens. I worked in Cabana for 2 days a week, something like a fast food at the pool in the hotel. It's great there, there are constantly warm but different people come, everyone wants to hear something about you and about the program, and everyone is having fun trying to pronounce our names. It's not a hard job, there are not many items on the menu and everything is mostly prepared so that no cooking is required, and the manager is a great, probably all the favorite person in the hotel.

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