Lagoon Amusement Park

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  • Wage per hour 7.5 $ Number of hours per week: 70 Average tip: / The good thing is because you have a bus that comes every morning at a specific time to Layton and drive you to the Lagoon, in the beginning you have a couple of days training and will receive their cards where you can buy food and souvenirs in the park, it is very simple, I was just literally asking people do they have ticket, let them to enter and check the belts and that's it: D In some serious rides literally just looking for tickets while more experienced do the rest. There I was in the area for children and there everything was my duty, and I had to see if they are tall enough for the ride, and to explain to them how to use it at work, etc ... has a canteen where you can eat but I do not like those burgers so I cook at home. All in all, at the beginning of the season you only know little rides so only those you can do. After I learned a few more, and whenever I had a shift, I went to these rides to ask the people who work whether they want to change them (Americans were mostly always wanted to go home so I worked every day all day) At the end of the season they give you a bonus (a dollar for every hour that you have done, and I had a little over eight hundred hours for exactly three months). That's all you get, since the seasonal job does not pay you overtime and no tip ... I took the time to write all that I remember: D

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