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  • Hourly: 9.5$ Hours per week: 45-50 Average tip (week): 40 $ Sales of ice cream and candy. Ok the job is nothing difficult, but in the beginning we all my roommates and I had problems with sore joints. Because we worked 10 or more hours a day, and only those loping ice cream spoons, and a few days later the hand and joints begin to ache unbearably. In addition, we made the cones. That job I hated because they spend all day in addition to 3 appliances (such as coffee galletes or grandma's cake) in the heat, bake and make cones. And it is inevitable that the burn on the circuit board. I have two souvenirs on the left hand: D. The shift is from 14h until closing action (where you do not get out before the 1-pole 2 after all clean). If your English is not very good, and will put you in the position to sell fudge, where you have to constantly talk to the customers, and to try to charm them to buy fudge, because it is the most expensive product in the store. Clients are ok, but there are idiots who complain about all sorts of nonsense, from the fact that you laugh only 3 seconds, and to the fact that their melting ice cream when they come out at +40. The store owner a little too likes the camera from the house, so it can happen to call the store and you dribbling over the phone if you forget to hang a plaque with the name, or you have installed a nice hat. Manager has 2, Mary and DJ. DJ is an idiot who is lashing out at everyone order, and time's a great mood this time wants to tear and send home.. With him is advisable to avoid a serious conversation, just nod and laught to his stupid Fool. Tips we had, but in the two weeks prior to the salary and shall be divided equally to all workers, and the amount of tips you depends on the number of hours that you worked per week. The season was between 80 and $ 100 per two weeks later $ 40-50 P.S. They have a greaaat ice-cream :)

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