Kohr Brothers

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  • Hourly: 7.75$ Number of hours per week : 35-40 Average tip : $ 35-40 Sales of ice cream , cleaning machines and shops . I am working part time as a kitchen help where I made ice cream and cones . Timetable 7.75 or the average tip $ 35-40 ( during the season ) . Kohr has its own shops and in Rehoboth where the tip about $ 20 , but in Ocean City by only 10-15 $ . So we passed the best . 35-40 hours per week . But during the season . As I went to America in mid- May , the first two weeks I had only 12 hours a week . From 5 June to 3 September average was 35-40 . Overtime is not allowed . Managers usually want to meet about shifts . I've always worked for example the second shift so I can balance my other job .

  • Wage per hour : 8.25 Number of hours per week : 36-40 Average tip : 20 Sell ​​- frozen custord , ie . as an ice cream in Kohr Bros facilities, which has a 4 - in at the boardwalk . There is a possibility of changing the object, although I have almost the entire season worked at the same . I worked the second shift , which is harder , because people usually buy ice cream at night , and then can be a real big crowd, where we virtually non-stop serve customers till 11-12h . The employer and managers are great, helpin us around shift changes to fit it better with other jobs , we could choose a day that we wanted every week , and they were correct about everything . As much as I had the chance to see it is one of the best jobs in town :)

  • Wage per hour : 9 Number of hours per week : 30 Average tips 10-30 Menager and the job itself is ok . But in June , you almost can not have more than 12 hours a week, 40+ in the season , but do not worry , there are restaurants nearby that will give you even 60h a week if you 're a good worker.

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