Keansburg Amusement Park

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  • 7.25, without tips , 62 Job Description: get up around nine , ten. They had performed all morning activities (hygiene , internet , breakfast .... ) Around 11: 59h you have to walk to work (for 2 minutes from the house) . Get there , open the huge Ferris wheels and other devices for fast driving . Job was to wield these machines . Nothing difficult , I was even interesting. Talk to people , messing with them . You have a break of half an hour that you do not pay ( not included in the schedule ) . I do so for up to ten hours ( 22:00), wield those machines . You come home and you have nothing smart to do , because the city is really boring and dead. You can not possibly go to a bar for a drink with other students .

  • $ 7.25 per hour, no tips , weekly earnings $ 300 Job description: I have worked on games and propelled drive for small children. The working day starts between 10 and 12 am, ending at 10 the evening on weekdays and 12 on weekends. Business is really not difficult, but needs to have patience with young children ... but also with parents :)

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