Johnny Rockets Restaurant

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  • Hourly: 2.15 + tips Hours per week: 28-38 Average payoff : 60 $ Description Employer : specifically, the break between the negative and neutral for the simple reason that it was VERY BAAAAAD season , which in no way they could be affected . On the other hand, a collective dissatisfaction with the majority of this year's students . Just for the record , 12 or 13 Serbs rest of us 6. We halved and in the middle of the season . I was gone .

  • Like any positions server , it is important to be a good season. This season has been really good , it began very early to be busy, good tips , good men . Position of the server also depends on your ability to work . All in all , a good season and a good time . As for the tip and it also largely depends on you and the day. Tips varied than $ 90 up to $ 250.

  • Hourly: 7.50 to 8.25 Number of hours per week : 70 Average tip : I started as a kitchen helper , got a good overtime , with the initial timetable 7.50 for a few weeks got 8.25 because my experience is positive : D . I just wanted to mention that if you choose this place and consider this restaurant 2 times , because I was one of the few who in 2013 were satisfied , including servers and hostesses . Server position in this restaurant good only if the season is good , otherwise you will have problems with the number of hours and therefore TIPS .

  • 2$ per hour, tips average 80-120 $ daily Job Description: Shifts were 10 to 16 and 16 to 23, 24h. Every server has two or three tables that serves . first week is a trening, job description is also playing with some retro songs, so the Yanks having fun , but they give you a nice tips.. It was hard , but also cost-effective : ) at the end of the shift have a duty to wipe something , recharge case , Fix your own area; what they do in every restaurant in America , hours from 30 to 40 weekly. Sometimes I worked as a host, Hours $ 7 + tip about 200 a week. I found another job after a week , the boutique , 8 $ an hour , about 35 hours a week .

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