Harbor Grill

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  • The first negative experience is that you have among the most expensive of all the accommodations on the island. We paid $ 117 per accommodation per week, whereas other people have the same accommodations paid 85% of the accommodation. Practically when all calculated- it is $ 500 more. If you decide to work in the kitchen boss is ok. I'm not too pleased and elated. You have a meal in the kitchen and they will not make a problem even if you eat two meals. They give a fixed schedule, however, and there is the chief factor of luck that you will be able to combine with other work. The boss is crazy sometimes have sudden mood swings. According servers is great but for us it is a rigorous yet understand because I know how much his responsibility as far as the restaurant. At work there is a lot of stress but if your boss love you safe and give you over time and everything else. If you do the first job in the Harbor as a host or server I think you will not be satisfied. You have to pay for a meal and sometimes have to wait for approval of the manager that you must not eat it or not. There are a lot of Serbs to work as servers and it's ok but it depends on how you like it For the general manager of the restaurant owner. Basically gives a lot of criticism and sometimes when they have nothing to do with you. Anyway Harbor is a good place if you work another job here because i have with it greater rights and you form a schedule.

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