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  • Totally correct, the accommodation was great, I got salary in time, they respected everything from the contract.

  • During the summer I worked a plenty of jobs and definitely can say that the job in the hotel was the best one. I worked on front desk, which is one of the better jobs that one student can do. For sure, there were a lot of things I should have learned, but with time you can learn everything. The hour is 13.35$, and overtime (which was) is 19,7$. The employer gives to you acommodation wich reduces the salary for 80$, and it is a big plus because it is very close to the hotel. They have 3 hotels, so there is a house for employees with every hotel. Every house has a big livingroom, a kitchen, a dining room, 2 bathrooms and several rooms, the room you share with one or two people. In every house are acommodated 8-12 people. And if your job is farther from employer, you get a bicycle. If you have a problem, the employer will help, they wre really good with us. The working atmosphere is really nice, of course there is a lot of work, but everyone appreciate each other and they don't make diferences between students and employees who work here many years. So I will return this year and work for them. Along with the hotel, I exchanged more jobs. I worked at the candy shop, the employer was correct. The hour was $11, and the salary was every other week, and I had 50% discount on anything from the store, while I was in the store, I could eat chocolates as much as I wanted. I also worked in the Jaremiah's store, a smaller storefront. The boss, I do not have a word for her, so correct, affordable, dear ... really without a word !! There was not so much work here, it was really more enjoyable to work there. For example, I should slip windows with a new materials, I choose and work at the cash desk. For the last 2 weeks I started working at Robertos Restaurant as hostess, where I was $ 13. As it was already at the end of the season, it was not like that crowd, and the job was really light.

  • Wage per hour: 10 Hours per week: 32-35 Average tip : $ 10-50 per day My job was cleaning and preparing rooms . The job is not so easy, but it is good for the first year of departure, it is also good for those who do not know the language well, as is required only basic knowledge . It is best when the season is in full echo (July, August) , then the guests leave better tips As for the other job , I was working at The Wild Blueberry (recommendation : if someone goes there to look for a job as a server or a baser ) as a hostess , not very demanding job , the same is good for someone who is going for the first time , but mainly works to the time , no tips.

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