Great Alaskan Holidays

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  • Although I had this job in the agreement, upon arrival, we agreed to change our position and I worked as a driver campers within the company. Hourly wage was $ 12, they give to me overtime (Over Time sometimes less, sometimes more), and there were a bonus.

  • Hourly: 12-16 hours per week: 30-40 Average tip: / If English is not your strong point, the GAH will not have any problems because the job does not require contact with clients, but only with other martyrs who work with you. The company is, among other things, deals with the release of RV-HP employees and the task is to clean up around 30 pieces a day, while the rate in the first place. Every day you are responsible for cleaning certain part (eg. Bedroom, kitchen, refrigerator, etc.) And so on for four months it becomes very monotonous after a while. This year we have had too many employees were initially barely had 32 hours a week, and are often sent people home because there were redundancies - all were given five working days only about a month or two before the end of the season. Although my personal experience with the company was positive, it is not a workplace that I would recommend to everyone. If your English is better to look for a job in a restaurant in Downtown where the tipping ok, at least you will be at the center and you will not feel you're wasting time and potential. If you work in a GAH, while you do not have a car, you will need to find accommodation near work, and the only interesting thing here is the Diamond Center, which is interesting in the first week, if that.

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