Fountainhead Wedgewood Resort

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  • They always complied us, we had 40 hours, a couple of checks was at 42-43 when we had the safety and J1 meeting because we were able to come and clock-in and hear when our day-off of these. This year there were a lot of J1 students, more than it has been necessary so we had plenty of opportunities to slacking, inspectors have a couple of times sent students home when they were caught sitting or sleeping but in general it was not a big deal. At least as far as my examples. I am one of them took this accommodation is an older building that is in their possession, has 48 rooms, usually go to the rooms by 3 people, although it can be to be afflicted, and 2 especially if the third decides to leave the accommodation they are not adding third a person to fill the position. Accommodation $ 9 a day which is ok price for such accommodation, but you can find cheaper if you are ok with that how much people is in apartment.

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