Forscher Bakery

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  • Wage per hour: 10 $ Number of hours per week: 40h Average tips: 35 $ Job was nowhere near exhausting as last year when I worked as a lifeguard at the water park resort. Paycheck was bigger, my girlfriend was given a raise after two weeks from 10 to 12 dollars, because she worked in the kitchen and literally fascinated manager who worked with her. It has remained $ 10 per hour for me. The task was to wipe the tables used to share cookies, we fill the coffee, the kitchen when they need help, a month later I was appointed cashier. The opportunity to learn English is incredible. People are literally function and operate as a family. With all these people are constantly making party after work. Finally, they surprised us and gave us tips that we have earned, and from what we said goodbye. Each $ 600, paf out of the blue from nowhere. Back when it was just a lot of people in the restaurant, then none of us does not speak, just doing a job and then you see why the Americans are there where they are. Know how to separate business from life. Manager a couple of times he wanted to fire me because I was acting like an animal at work, while at home I talked to her the worst and darkest vomit that really are not to describe here, everyone will understand me what I mean smile emoticon In short, much easier than last time, a lot more fun and money.

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