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  • Everything was great, all right. Wonderful people.

  • I hated every alaram to me is waking up before going to Food Lion. I had the misfortune to work on parts of the department, then cut hams, cheeses, nervous Americans who shoot and dig eye view if they do not like the width of ham or cheese. I'm not talking about those cases that require paper after each sheet of cheese, although they say cut two kilos, so count the time as you need it for a while you stand in line for 20 people, but it hurts my ear. Because cooper cheese is very sticky, it will be real, real tragedy if I put two slices instead of one on my sandwich. Customers are really exhausting, but the crowds that form the weekends are even harder, bloody urine the roast beef and I think is what God considers this life be better if I sat at home. There have been such moments. Another downside is disgusting hag Lorraine that thinks that she suprvizor, and in fact only one frustrated uneducated hag that has more teeth than the eye, when records when it comes, does not allow you to go to your legal marital break for lunch until all Jamaicans do not izređuju first and rat store manager if you eat the cookie that was redundant and would definitely trash, accused of theft, and, okay, sorry I stole something that was intended for the garbage. The good side is the manager Paul, the soul of a man who was protecting us from this Karakondžula whenever he was there, he held it on a leash, and only work with him was uživancija, all could agree with him, a very charming man and manager , a bright dot food lion. I went with my boyfriend and it was important for us to have the same common day off so they could go to the beach and always whenever we could go out j eu meeting and gave us the same schedule. The bad thing is you expect in this department 32 hours a week, every week, and the season which is really desperate, when you get your hammer in two weeks of torture here, but only $ 520. Good sides, and that's what you get the bonus of $ 400 when you come to Serbia, as every minute ispalćen work on time, and when it is said. Because, bonuses, managers Paul and the team at work (except for Jamaicans) I still play an experience of a neutral rather than negative. Girls who you worked at Food Lion, my most sincere advice is run from delija like the plague. The work at the cash register after the experiences of my roommates was different all the way, it is not so much as we peeked martyrs butcher shop. Nick's House of Ribs This was my first second job: D I worked as expo, 9 $ per hour. In this position you take care of tickets and orders, check that the chefs get them, and make sure that tiketi who first arrived first and stored, adding various sauces, salads that go with this dish, and finally call or food runner server that takes guests. It does not sound that hard is that? However, this was is a pretty large restaurant, and when one of your colleagues has a day off doing his job, so my job three times a week has been saved salads everything and keep accounts os vim tickets, send, suffer nervous cloths, chop Annex for lettuce , run the refrigerator when something disappears. Ma is not at all easy, bursting at the seams himself sometimes. Especially when it was still a bad team with which you work. A boss completely mentally unbalanced person, so come on occasionally to roar their treatment and humiliation of employees, regardless of total lunatic. After one incident menu had enough and quit my job, it was my best decision in America! because I later found a great job my third employer : Dumser's Dairyland <3 Hostess positions If I was there at the end I finished I would have had a negative and almost an experience of the America people, ma whole program, the question of whether I'd ever wanted to come back, because you have no idea how hard it is when you're working two jobs a day and do not know what more you hate of the two. In Dumser's was another story I loved the job, people who have lived with me said that I was rejuvenated when I started working there, I got up smiling and ended the day as well. Business as business was extremely light, welcoming guests, make sure that all servers have the same number of tables, answer your phone, carry out- Ordering code were also my duty, as occasionally work at the cash register. Although the best part of this restaurant are the people! Managers are excellent, Laura has been with us for more than a friend Manager, and Tommy gave me lessons as much as I could and wanted to. I had up to 60 hours per week of which 20 hours over a time-and double shifts gave me seven days a week no matter whatever, whenever. So after running away from food liona work early to worked here as long as possible. They are my whole view on this program a week changed when I saw that it was no pressure, with a smile and the best ice cream in the world. Most zapsolenih Americans who work throughout the year, which is not actually bad, on the contrary. If you go to Ocean City, knock on this door and you will not go wrong! I will always be grateful to them for the time I spent working with them and enjoying every hour!

  • Food Lion: My position was to full shelves, drawing products in the front row and that helps buyers to find the products they seek. In essence it is an easy job, the hourly wage was $ 9, fixed schedule, six and a half hours a day, 5 working days in a week. It can work up to 40 hours (stay a little longer at work every day), however, are very strict as to not give overtime. I worked in West Ocean City, all the managers were quite correct, went out to meet me when I found another job, sometimes when I was just too tired to let me go home early (on another job I was working for tips, so I was not really motivated to work for the timetable given that I earned twice as much money on another job at the same time). Nick's Original House of Ribs: For this restaurant all the recommendations. It is located at the end of OC-I, 145 Street. The interior of the restaurant is done with style, managers are great and the workers friendly. I worked initially as a baser (3.65 + tips from 80-120 dollars a day + food) but later I got the service position when the American students started going (mid - end of August). Although the shock has passed season (July - August) the average I earned about $ 120 for 3.5 to 4 hours of effective job. Once it used to be 70 dollars a day and sometimes 170. Guests are pleasant, I had some big problems, prefer European students, and they are interested in who we are, what we are and where we come from. Business Server is very easy at least as far as the physical part of the job. Psychologically it can be difficult in the sense that when you have a crowd of 5-6 tables, all those seeking something and all you have to save and bring them. Of course you have to be always smiling and positive (why i would not be a day when you earn a little less than the average Serbian monthly salaries). From my experience Americans if they see that you are valuable and that you want to work, and will reward (I got a promotion).

  • $ 8.75 / t, about 40-45 hours / week As everywhere competitive internationally and this is a job Cashier impaired. The minimum hourly rate and sent me over the head.

  • $ 8.75 / hr , about 30-35h / week Job Description : As long as you are doing the same , it is important that you do . The classic company as any of us where each pass the buck . The restaurant is the exact opposite .

  • Hourly : 9$ Number of hours per week : 32 Prosek tips : 0 store manager was simply told idiot

  • Hourly: 10$ Hours per week: 40 great employer , coordinate shifts if you have a second job, if you need a day off is always there to come out to meet you, at the end gets a bonus check

  • Hours : 9$ Number of hours per week : 50 Average tips : bonus at the end of 400 $ Primary position was my cashier , but I'm deliberately put everything , because I worked literally all over the shop all you need when you need exceptional employers , and eventually received a bonus check of $ 400 , the price is extremely respected and work overtime to further the plot and if they see that you are working hard and definitely worth it and you will receive several hours

  • Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week : 60 Great place to work , very real , and friendly people , almost all be in agreement with the manager , a lot of hours of paid overtime and eventually gets a bonus so-called ' 13 ' salaries , which is in the amount of $ 400

  • Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week : 32 should be , but it was not Average tip : I do not have Good as it was hundreds of schedule was relatively good compared to other jobs in North Myrtle Beach. A bad, it was not complied with the contract

  • Hourly: 9 $ Number of hours per week : 40+ Average tip : $ 0.00000000

  • Food Lion, NC, GPA
    7 years ago

    Wage per hour : 9.75 Number of hours per week : 40 ( can be reached up to 70 hours) Working in a huge market in all positions from cashier to supervisor , as harder you work you'll do better

  • Hourly: 9 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: 300 Putting food on the shelves, you are in contact with people, it is interesting all at all :)

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