Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge

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  • Princess is much more relaxed than Westmark about the pace of this work. Less due to, but again, less stress. Here when you finish your rooms that do not have a lot of clothes, you help others and get relatively easy. The break is half an hour for lunch, and there is a crash. The tips are weak in relation to how I heard about the previous year. There is more room in Westmark, but less time accordingly, a break is 15 minutes, but the meal is paid. After every 16th room I think there is a $ 5 bonus and the hour is a bit of higher. But housekeeping is really hard. Difficult and physically difficult and psychic. Physically because you are all day on your feet, you will not rest, and you are psychic, because when you compare your tips, when it does not exist, with the tips of a server that works twice less then you and has a four-fold higher tips, somehow you fall into depression. Also, when you are cleaning a foreign feces, pubic hair in a bath, bloody sheets .. who is nasty it's awkward for him. And you clean everything and there's no tips... and in the rooms where everything is pretty soft .. there is. So it's up to the level of education, even though it has an impact on how to clean the room, there is not too much. The good thing about the princess is that if you work for two years in a row, you have a free circle with them, and various other benefits and discounts. In general... Princess is okay, but housekeeping is not. Although the manager is a nice woman, but she will not be next year. As for other employers, I worked in a Chinese restaurant where it was easy, in the Japanese restaurant Irashai where it was very stressful. I worked as a server, but I did not kill myself from tips, because you are throwing all the pieces on the kitchen and servers, and if there are two servers, you are getting a quarter of a tips, or a six part if you are three. So it does not turn out much, although it's fair to think about it. The safe is awfully difficult to cooperate, it has a short wick and it's dirty. But he's basically a good man. He loved me in the end because, unlike American girls, I was much more tolerant. And I loved him even though he is strange and has his own moments. And I hated him at the beginning. And at this Cuban Jazz Bistro restaurant, it was so fine and good at the beginning, but it was just a mask. This is one deeply disgusting man and the first man ever hated. He pretends to be your friend, and in fact he is a heavy manipulator who uses people. Get around it in a wide port. Earn not to mention, despair. You do not have a working time fixed, no clicks and machines, has a bunch of plates in his cave behind which you have to wash and constantly tells you how they will promote you that never happens. A very intelligent, cunning manipulator. Get out of the harbor.

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