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  • Number of hours per week : 30h Average payoff : 35 $ per day Description Employer : My job was to bending and setting the table , it helps waiters , all work as a team, people are very good boss Bob is a legend , he has always helped and contributed to the motivation of workers. Another job I worked at a restaurant called Angelina Ristorante . There I also worked as a busser , the hourly wage was $ 5, but we have tips which was an average of $ 60-70 per day. Masters are gay : D and so cimanje with them every day . I was at the end of the program to Miami 11 days, there was excellent . Everyone would recommend this program.

  • Hours: Number of hours per week : 30 to 35 Average tip : Description Employer : A restaurant that works very well for one morning reaches between 600 and 700 people. There is a big queue for a place in the restaurant . My job was to prepare the table for the next guests, helping out other colleagues , that all just as soon sit next guest . The boss is a living legend , he and his wife , probably the best American I've met .

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