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  • Hourly $9 + $1 bonus. Number of hours per week 40. I came the first day of lost, scared, the employer shows quarters, we were not good (we had a accommodation provided by the employer and thought "we are on horseback" 86 In $ with breakfast), I do not know how to call the "quarters" are those containers wooden decomposition in two single beds and two wardrobes very small that the two jackets is full, wc of course there is a part of accommodation than a few feet behind the puppies, but the girls when you wash your hair, you can imagine how is pleasant, but at the same time share the toilet with all the other women who work here ... this is the first disappointment in relation to the employer, in these $ 86 as we had breakfast which was from 7-11h, and if you're doing at that time when this sucking, and was 4 months same and miserable,, bread and some fruit trees, sometimes muesli, and the like. still we got 200 $ deposit for this Container, and if you leave it to you reserves. AL grit your teeth, you came here to do, tell myself I can do this and pushing on. My job was to work in the market, so the cashier, stacking of goods and all you need to market. The first day on the job say me that I'm not on the list, there is another disappointment regarding the company, so I deal here to explain that I have a contract that I have to have position (and of course you're scared and you can not go with a cocky attitude because you are an ordinary worker, but my advice is not to give ourselves) and put me in another market also owned by the company, while we do not get status. what's done is done ... to accept, krenes to do and of course luck factor plays a huge role, it believes that correct, manager like me just for two days of work, and immediately I find it a second job, or to stay and work in this market, I naturally inexperienced accept this second job that was Salad girl (should be) to make the salad, for the same company, but I was here and salad girl, and cook, and equipment and everything, and then I just dying of effort, worked every day after 16h and after that work in the kitchen I had to take a bath every night (wash) and on average I slept 3 hours, it was unbearable, so I'm was fighting not do more as a salad girl in Meanwhile wanted me to return to the market of the contract and started to work in both markets (same employer) and so I worked for two months ... Satnica same $ 9 more I had not paid overtime and know that I will have a bonus of $ 1 per hour, because it's like a second job from that of company. So I worked in supermarkets had a lot of contacts and I easily come to a new job in another company Princess became a barista, i loved that job is my hourly rate was $ 8.75 + tips which was about 30 $ a day sometimes more sometimes less, rules cafes , served food that is mostly eaten for breakfast, and then I was cool, I stayed on the primary movers in the market, it would not itself cause any trouble in the meantime I night at Princess society much better quarters, had some food and any Princess is okay. Princess I am manager likes me and I had a 44h week. All in all the way from hell to heaven, after the program 7days to Hawaii (free lodging because my colleague, the market has become a very close friend and she's from Hawaii) so that they You will never know: D, are waiting for you, New York, Seattle, Paris, wardrobe. I did not go to America for the money, of course, when you're there all around you are doing, you're motivated by the story that there in an hour earn when someone in Serbia for 8h, and all that influence, you went to do, you know you can and pushing the story. I have survived everything, met a variety of people, cultures, with some people even today seeing and hear, and we'll go again .... So to you my story, I hope I helped you to understand that you are going primarily to extensive testing yourself, and figure out some things about life. For the end of what most people most interested in, even though I did the first two months of activities without a tip, yes, I was able to earn over 10, 000 $. Good luck to all future participants, and only the brave, you can do it!

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