Denali Bluffs Hotel

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  • Hours: 8 $ / 9 $ / 7.75 $ Number of hours per week: 40h-48h / 24h-35h Average tip: $ 40 for 2 weeks / 30 $ min day and upward The first job (room attendant) boiled down to the classic clean room. Every day we have 15 rooms that gotta fix for a specific time, but generally not longer than 20 min and depends on when guests come. Days can be very strenuous or light. Business is not easy, although at first glance every deluje.Radis alone, and not seeing so many colleagues unless they happen to clean the rooms that are close, one opposite the other, and then you can hang out and joking, otherwise it's boring because you I. Business is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week possibly 6 hourly wage $ 8. + Tips (tips to find yourself in the room when cystic, if it is not meant for you, giving me tips in common, which gather all the hotel and then on equal terms to all parts housekeeper- has 2 weeks) Other job (hostess / busser) was a lot easier, at least to me. Hostess is responsible to welcome guests, and brought them to the table and give them to me. The restaurant was not too crowded, so the hostess job was easy. Otherwise, when there is a great kick back, you must be thinking where guests accommodated, any server, because each must have the same number that you must be a real waiting list and how much. The signs have a great deal of control, and constantly monitoring the situation. I worked as a hostess and sometimes 4h 5h a day, 6 days a week, $ 9 hourly + tips (which're getting on the check). Busser was in charge of the visitors carried a kind of bread, to rule the house, poured the water away, collecting dirty dishes and setting the table for new guests. Business in general is not very strenuous, except when large crowds when people come at the same time and at the same time and go. I worked day 6ipo hours or 7h, + $ 7.75 hourly tips (which're getting on the check). At first I worked as a hostess only 6 days a week, and after 2 months I was asked to work as a busser. Then I changed and I worked as a hostess for 3 days and 3 days as a busser. So I was more comfortable :) The American system is "Keep busy," so that with them if there is no work no seating, you'll find you another job. If it is 8 am, then the effective working 8h. You get used to the weather, and it is not difficult. Working day from 15h, a day pass quickly :D

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