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  • I have received a service position because I am the first, she worked as a server, or in another place. Satnica very bad $ 3.63 / h even though you say you get the tip, it was again very bad, says the timetable is the first year was 5.25, and that's ok when you add tip, 3.63 is a little .. When you sign a contract him send you lots and lots of paper, menus, folders, restaurants as well as the rules and instructions that it is better to study because you will really have a test when you come to training before starting the job. You can not expect just to be kind, provide the best possible service to the customers, but also to sell certain meals from the menu and drinks. Based on this, you will receive the number of tables and sections, as well as gain the opportunity to earn something on a tip, otherwise it will be published from 15 $ per day in tips, because your own tips to share with baser infection, a food runner and bartender, at the end, more money than you earn, as a percentage kickback account based on your daily sales and not on the basis of a tip that you get so often happens that you people do not leave, you have made their money have to give tip. In the kitchen there is a table that is published once a week with the data when it sold much, but even though you might sell the most requested "signature dish " or "signature drink " you will never be able to compete with American servers that come here to work each season. They will always have the best catchment areas (which are the most important, believe me), and the largest number of tables. Now in addition to regular serving guests, selling their "products ", have side work, which will let you become a nightmare, because not only will have to work a job that entitled each server (to clean his own area, set the tables, make do you have a stock of time, straw, equipment for children, whether you are filled with pepper, mustard, ketchup, it all goes to the beginning of the shift, the end of the shift you need to polish the knives and forks, you determine the number of "captains of " American servers, that number is usually about 100, then to clean your area; recharge time inventories, straw, props, cut 6 cans of lemon, lime, orange ... i pray god to exit least a half-1) but will do the job instead Americans, because they are all natural comrade, a US servers "captains " determines who are working, and they are under the managers who have more power to you also by daily tasks, such as what to sell today, do not rub the walls of the restaurant , removing the cigarette butts between the boards on the terrace .. (there is a book of obligations for each day of the week that have to be carried out). Now when you get used to it all and master programs for food messaging via computer, and they treat you like you're poluretardiran and coming from a country where almost withered internet and color TV, and where yesterday ended the war, the big problem is that you can not have a break to eat unless you double shifts, meal these of course is not free, you must not wear a bag to work I aprons, so that uniform for another job should be worn in your hand .. other big problem is the departure from work or completion of shifts, the first shift is from 11-4 second of 4 until all the guests turn out. I never got out of first shift pre 5 6 half Because you go out from work when they charge me all the accounts delis poor tip, you can feed all the extra work and you get a signature on a daily report by the "captain ", which will not give you the signature until all "side work " in the whole restaurant is not finished even though you finished what was your own duty, e then you can get a signature from "captain 's managers and clock-out ovati and go to another job. WHEN you fill PAPER ON ITEM YOU WANT TO ASK QUESTIONS THAT REPLACEMENT, Only record the second shift and place that you are not available for the first shift, for the first shift will not earn anything, and it's hard to find another job because all the other shifts starting from 4 hours and rarely the employer will not tolerate that you're late for work 15 minutes let alone more. Shifts are very scarce each get 20 to 26 hours a week, unless you prayed and begged for another shift possibly get one or the other servers ask you to hand over theirs. Other job try to find the Phillips crab house and rent deck chairs on the beach. All in all not worth so many money, work and aggravation. Do not go to America to forced labor, but to spend an unforgettable year, work under more normal conditions and earn some money for travel, gain an impression of how to live in America, meet new people and enjoy. There are a lot of beautiful cities of Ocean City. Definitely do not recommend this place to go to this program, or if you have already decided on something, ask to be accommodated close to our students, the best accommodation was in the 59 th Street, looking for a job to rent chairs on the beach, Feger's club, Secrets, Phillips crab house .. Go to the city, keep at least one day .. Good luck

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