Chula Vista

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  • Hours 7,25 $ Hours per week: 35-45 Average tip: 18-20% The reserve is located 3 miles from the city center, which is about 10 minutes away by car or 30 minutes cycling. It's a little inconvenient, if you find another job in the city center. The employer has always offered additional activities within the reserve, and that is calculated as overtime and paid significantly more. My job was in a fast food restaurant as part of Aqua Park. We had multiple positions and multiple tasks. Mainly by young students from all over the world. What is really a lot of positive experience to perfect the language and gain new contacts and acquaintances. Work tasks were of cleaning, washing and polishing of cuisine, pizzerias and lobbies, through the preparation of food and beverage sales in the restaurant, as well as deliveries within the reserve. * Schedule shifts and positions are always changing, it would be good if you meet the manager and the fixed shift, to work before or after noon. Additional jobs are mainly: Help in the main kitchen in the main building (work tasks were machine washing dishes, food preparation). Banquets, they were mostly celebrations, weddings, events, student and student camps (work tasks were prepared and set up equipment, serving food, cleaning only). * Jobs are not heavy, do not have high expectations, but be persistent, persistent and hardworking. * Communicate with people, supervisors and managers, do not be shy to ask for additional jobs and help. Accommodation, with this employer, not something special. It is gratifying. As for the food, there is a canteen for employees, which has a large selection of cooked food and very cheap. Good read and understand the supply and positions, as well as the place where you go, you have a very accessible and all detailed and reliable information on the Internet. * I do not recommend that you work at the position Park and Lifeguard Services with this employer.

  • Hours : 6 Number of hours per week : 30 Average tip : / I worked as Busser but I was hired as a waiter in another part of the park . Tips counting was the best part of the week.

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