Casino Gateway 26

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  • This is not a casino -type AC or LV , the game is created for some goods , which does not, jewelry, toys , household appliances , ma all kinds of nonsense and now my job is to choose what players to "buy " these chips you have won you have to run the warehouse and to make no difference if , for example, usisuvac comes up the stairs and you run and you're wearing it. Oh, I do not know I just do not like the offer that read 35-40 hours and initially give you 3 working days might have 20Sat type . nidje connection. and after 4 days I figure it 's not going anywhere , and go look for another job. i get a position as a waitress in restoranu.Uglavnom , hard work . The casino has a huge warehouse and it is difficult to quite keep track of where everything is and independently make things there for the customers. After all you do not get many hours not enough as one job.

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