Cafe Prego

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  • Hours : 3.75 Hours per week: 35-40 Average tip : $ 150 Already 4 years I'm going with them . Waitressing . It's great.

  • Hours: 7 in Prego, $ 10 in Norseman Number of hours per week: 50 Average tip: 30-40 I washed the dishes, it was not so difficult, while at other restaurants complained that the bass hard, it was a great team, but we were always joking, servers are helping me maximum. Proclaimed himself the best dishwasher that has ever had: D Even me and rewarded extra tips. Super was real. This is actually a second job. Work through which I got a visa in Norseman, the radio, and I lived in the same house with Roxy (if you read its experience, know who is: D) crazy girl all the way: D Norseman I worked as Runner-Boy this meant that I was taking all the dirty linens and towels of the girls who were preparing the rooms, take them to the laundry room. In essence a very tedious job. Sometimes I helped the guests to carry luggage, so I got that tip. All in all, it was great. I met a lot of good people and more thinking to go again next year. I would recommend to everyone. I've been to Boston, NY and Niagara Falls.

  • Hours 7 $ + tips Hours per week: 40 Average tip : Description Employer : Clearing the tables after guests leave , harboring plates after guests are done and carry food from the kitchen to the table where guests sit

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