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  • Hourly: 5$ / hr Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: about 50$ a day Description Employer: E follows. This is not my job through which I went to America. It all started so when I was back in February passed an interview in which I got a job working as a server at the Golf Club on Long Island. Of course, I went there in late May and as soon as I arrived were created problems for me. All students were immediately set to work, and I had to wait to see what will be the position to give me, because they brought too many students ??? Of course, at first we were assigned to the kitchen to work as an assistant cook, but my boss told me to come only for five days, so I was a dishwasher (none of the students it has never worked there), and in the end I was working in the locker room-in . It was all something bzvz, simply because I worked only two days a week and had five days off. Here we already had enough, I contacted sponsor agency that promised me another job. Of course, when you are in the club heard me written off automatically. But they told me I could stay here until you save your status (good thing as food and accommodation were free). After about three weeks, contact me from CHI and say we have only one offer. Sunsations shop in Virginia Beach. I did not have a choice and I accept it. Meanwhile contacting people who were already working there and everyone was like, "No way Sunsation, here is a disaster, the store is a mild horror, etc ..." Of course, I save to take matters into their own hands and do not show up in the shop where I was supposed to do. I was lucky that when I came to get a job at Cactus Jack's bar / restaurant. Here I set out to do, everything was great, there was no pressure from the staff is great and all that. But after that, there were other problems. Work offer and the abolition of the visa. As OK is that I canceled the job, but I need to report a second that I would not be kicked off the air. I ask the boss, and he told me no problem that all the necessary documents !!! I could not believe. In the meantime, get a job as a cook in the breakfast restaurant, ie pancake shop. Now, the point is, what is a city full of students but it is difficult to find a job that paid more than 7.25 per hour. If you do not, there are those who want. Of course, I take the job and go to work, and the city is mild horror. The team in the kitchen is OK, but there is no hierarchy. The waiters screaming that they get ready food, constant hustle. The owners grandparents with one foot in the grave, just watch how to plug in buck and flogged as possible. All in all I worked 14, 15 hours a day, almost every day. Sometime from July until mid-September.

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