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  • Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week: 60 Average tip (weekly): - My first job was in a toy shop, whose owners hold another 2 souvenir shops, and I sometimes worked in them if they needed help. Bosses are great people, husband and wife who treated us quite fairly, whatever we needed or harmed they wanted to help us. Accommodation was in their house, we are 5 girls lived together, we had a nice add up what was most important, in terms of the accommodation, it was nothing special, we had a living room and bedroom, but compared to most other accommodation on the island was great, because we had the tv, coffee to remove moisture from the air, refrigerator, microwave, so we could live normally. Business at the store was relatively easy, but it is known to get bored because basically nothing interesting was happening. On average I had in the store 60 hours a week, so 20 was going into overtime, the owners were really correct on that side and all are regularly paid. The second and third job as we were in the restaurant (Club Soda and Ernies restaurant). I worked there 4-5 days a week, the hourly wage was $ 4 and the second $ 95, which basically means that you do just for tip which is the day varied. Sometimes it happened that for 5 hours due to $ 20, sometimes 250. All in all, in all jobs I enjoyed, all the bosses were wonderful to me and if doing a good job they really appreciate. I'm always in the restaurants had free food and drink, what I really mean, because I normally fed (I could order what you wanted, soups, salads ...) and to me it is a great advantage of working in the restaurant, although not give in all the restaurants free food, but for example, a discount for staff. When I look back on the year, I can not believe that I had held on to do so, but in this atmosphere we not difficult to fall, with bosses and many guests'm still in touch, I never had any real problem.

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