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  • Cottage caffe and Boathouse are restaurants one across the other one from the same owner, so you will often be offered that if you work in one, that another to be your second job. I started as a hostess at the beginning of the season, where the hour was $ 9. At the beginning of the season, when were less crowded, the hostesses had less working hours, as soon as the crowd drank through the dinner, no longer had the need for a hostess, so they are the ones who are the first to end the shift, But I quickly started working as a food runner , it's a person who helps the servers and exports food from the kitchen. The hour was $ 3.5 plus tips that ranged from $ 30-70 depending on the crowd and the number of food runners in shift. In Boathouse, all glasses and plates were plastic, so there was nothing physically difficult, the girls worked as a food runner and as bussers who had the same schedule and similar tips, mostly slightly larger than the runners. Somewhere in mid-July - the end of August, American students mostly stop working because they return to faculty, so that at that time they mostly withdraw international students, so anyone with a little better English can be a server, even where even in the September season tips can be about $ 150. Boathouse is one of the most popular restaurants in Bethany Beach, has live music every day during the season, so your atmosphere is great, employees and managers are also very correct. so that every recommendation for them. Shifts are such that you can easily find another job.

  • Great team and nice people! All good thoughts! Great time spent together.

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