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  • Wage per hour: $ 9 Number of hours per week: 36 Average tip: $ 10 I originally went to the position houskeeper Come Beach Hotel. hourly wage was $ 9 + tips. Accommodation was free. The owner is originally from Ukraine and strives to employ students from this region. So that all the other students there were from Moldova and Romania. The only bad thing was that everyone spoke Romanian,or possible Russian so I was quite isolated. But my real experience in the US began with the offer of another job. While searching for another job, I received an offer to work as a bookkeeper for 3 hotels and restaurants (because of experience that I had in Serbia). Then I could not believe that I got the chance. The only problem was that it took to do the bookkeeping morning shift, I was already working in the hotel, so I tend to leave my original work and if they remained my formal sponsors and I went to help them only sometimes when they were crowded. The bookkeeping experience was unbelievable, they gave me a variety of tasks and activities, some even quite responsible, I was able to meet and cooperate with many people, hotels, banks. Hourly wage was $ 10, $ overtime 15th Since I still had free time in the afternoon, I found another job in a shoe store (Log Cabin Shoestore). Hours also for $ 10. Also a nice experience, meet many people from different parts of America. I worked as a bookkeeper in Tugboat inn hotel and restaurant, which is part of the Lafayette hotel chain from which three deals were in my place. Our hotel is a radio bookkeeping tasks for all three hotels. On average I had about 40k a week at first job and about 36h on another job. When I was in September in the shoe store said that the afternoon shift is canceled and that they will not longer be needed at the first job they tried to give me more work and pay overtime. So there sometimes I have worked in the kitchen and at the washing of laundry. Then I had over 70h a week.

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