Asticou Inn

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  • Hourly: 3.75 Hours per week: 40-50 Average tips (week): 600 Asticou Inn is a hotel in the town of Northeast Harbor on the island of Mount Desert Island. Hotel has a great tradition and and has a fine dining restaurant where I worked. Hotel among other things organizes weddings and other celebrations, which can be a solid source of income. The first year (2013). I was Assistant Server, practically something like busser. Work is assisting the main waiter service around the guests. Adoption of bread and water away, harboring dirty plates from the table and adoption of new accessories for the next course. After the guests leave the table adjusts to its original state. It is expected that little roadwork when the restaurant does not have too much work :) Hours was 7.5 $ a daily tips about $ 50 on average. In the second year (2014). I have improved in the server. Palpable difference in the result, but it should be noted that the job server is much more demanding than the job Busser. You must be responsible and willing to learn. Guests often have questions and requirements regarding food, wine and other beverages and should be educated on the first day, will also be resourceful not hurt :)

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