Anchorage by the Sea

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  • Even though the Anchorage by the Sea resort is one of the biggest and most known resorts in Ogunqiut, their management in the season of 2016 was quite poor. The resort and the restaurant are really beautiful and both the number of hours and the hourly wages in the restaurant are good, however the tips are much lower compared to other places. I resigned my post in the restaurant after less than a month in the season and managed to find a much better place to work at. I heard that the situation with the tips had improved later on in the season, but my advice to you is not to risk it and to chose a different employer.

  • Hours 9 $ Number of hours per week : 38 Average payoff : 70 $ per week Transporting food.

  • Work in this hotel was soooooo hard and difficult , and I would not recommend anyone to work ovdje.Radi with Jamaicans who are very rude , because there are literally fighting for their crust of bread and we ( students) see as intruders and is a little awkward to work with them, steal , etc. tip . Mainly as regards earnings can now say that I am satisfied , but thanks to another job where I worked as a server at a pizza and I had a great tips. The first job was 8.55/hour , which is very little for such a job where you do as a black- literally ! That short little place mainly Ogunquit would recommend due to the possibility of finding another job and definitely avoid the Anchorage by the Sea.Housekeeping in every other hotel was much easier and better paid .

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