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  • Hours: 2.2 Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip (week): 300 Receiving orders and serving food and drinks. The first job was Agnes Cafe. There I worked as a server, and then only because it was my second time in America (hardly anyone was in the first year in America working as a server - with some exceptions). The restaurant is a family; Polish woman who was on the W & T xy years ago,got married, stayed in the USA and here now she has restaurant. The restaurant only serves breakfast and is open from 7-14h. Specific to this restaurant is that the orders are taken via the iPad and go directly to the kitchen. On the iPad is the entire menu and you literally just click example. how many eggs in what way, what kind of bread and so on. Brutal, the first time I met with that. This way of taking orders lot easier operation, but also does not help when you unconsciously make the mistake of clicking on something else while the device incorrectly cooks for you. It happens: D You card and billing is done through the iPad. The second job was at Buddakan restaurant, part of the chain Starr Restaurant which serves Asian-fusion food. The restaurant is "fine dining," where the good money and where management has a real example of what is taught in schools. There I worked as a bar back. An interesting work that is heavy work mainly on weekends (glass washing and restore clean glasses, topping bar), while on weekdays as well as the bartender, because you're in a bar with him. And in one and in another job positive atmosphere.

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