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  • Hours $ 7 tip $ 2-5 per hour, depending on the season. It is 45-55 hours per week, depending on how you show yourself as a worker. If you are good you'll get more hours. Job Description: Wake up around 8, breakfast and go to 'prep' u 9. Here are preparing things for lunch beginning at 12 am. Full to bowl with jam and butter, squeezes lemonade, clean desks and windows ... the 11 is a pause for lunch, so you only have an hour to eat, resting, Shower, joking around ... In 12 starts lunch and lasts until 6 -7. Usually about 4 slows down, fewer people are coming, so that supervisors 'tear' baser one by one. Usually in every part of the restaurant has several busser assisting servers, so that those who do not work very well end up on the first day, as long as they remain the best and most valuable yet few hours and thus earn more. Bussers help clean up hundreds of waiters so i sets tables after guests let us go and prepare everything for the new guests. Very busy, so it must work fast and fit. Also not exactly the easiest to handle large tray with a lot of dishes in the kitchen (often at 15-20 kg), and quickly discharged and returning back. Usually it ends work for the day at around 6 pm on average, while in September and October and shorter. They're the best, get to work and dinner, maybe 1-3 a week, and get a few extra hours, the evening usually starts around 7 and lasts until 9-10 in the evening. Approximately 45-55 hours per week can be drawn, and there is one day a week free.

  • In high season it is from 10h - 20h or 12h ( 14h ) -C ( C - closure can be up to 2 AM ) ( if someone wants to be even more to do ) , there is no break in the schedule , non stop on his feet, fair heavy work in wet , dirty and hot environment. Best of all is that boss every hour comes, roll up our sleeves and get to work to help us. Respect ! :)

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