Delaware north, Sequoia national park, CA, Work Profiler

Experience with agency Work Profiler was positive.
The agency I got into the US is ok. They helped me as much as they could. I went to self version, and I didn't need much help, but every time I had questions, they were kind enough to answer and were available to help me. They informed me about everything I needed to know.

Experience with location Sequoia National Park was positive.
The place I was in the US is great. Usually when I leave home and go to another country, town, I feel strange .. but in this place I don't have the same feeling, not because they are Romanians, Romanian food, but because here we live all the employees together, we are like a family, each is accepted as it is. It is a pleasant atmosphere always. That's why I adore America.

Experience with employer Delaware North was positive.
The US employer is very nice, friendly, good. It is the second year when I come here and I have always been treated well, respected and paid correctly. I worked as a busser.

This review represents personal opinion of Emanuela Butiri who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Work Profiler, working at Delaware North in Sequoia National Park.

Oct 22, 2018