Compas fuel INC, Mc cook Ilinois, GPA

Experience with agency GPA was positive.
excellent work from me personally they are 2+ , I know a girl who also works program so be sure to all the best

Experience with location Mccook, IL was positive.
I believe that could be found extra work but I worked only one, city is located just outside of Chicago , so it is very close to the city , a piece of advice in Chicago on the street do not curse the people percent have enough from our space :)

Experience with employer Compass Fuel INC was positive.
Hours : 8.50 $ Number of hours per week : 40-50 Quite ok people , we get a lot of hours about 50 a week so you are totally correct , and if you need a day off always meet , work is at the checkout .

This review represents personal opinion of Stefan Kokotovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency GPA, working at Compass Fuel INC in Mccook, IL.

Aug 13, 2016