Cliffside Hotel, Nantucked, United Work and Travel

Experience with agency United Work & Travel was positive.
The agency has done the job in the best way. Praise.

Experience with location Nantucket, MA was positive.
City is excellent for students who want to work. Job is possible to find if you do your best, but let's say I was not needed additional work. This is not a place for night life so if you go to have fun let skip this place. Since this is an island, the climate is colder than on land or in the summer, ok, great for work. I was placed in the house with my girlfriend at a friend from last year and the price was $ 125 a week which is not a little but this island is ok, but what's even better, the whole house, we were able to use only two of us.

Experience with employer Cliffside Hotel Nantucket was positive.
Hourly wage was $ 12. It was from 08:30 to 17:30, but often it was even longer, so that no opportunity for higher earnings. This position is, of course tips so it was a lot of tips, but it is naturally varied.

This review represents personal opinion of Slobodan who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency United Work & Travel, working at Cliffside Hotel Nantucket in Nantucket, MA.

Oct 15, 2016