Cherie's Bike & Blade Rentals, Virginia Beach, VA, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
I went through the Karavan Tavel Agency, a great team, open to all information, very kind above all.

Experience with location Virginia Beach, VA was neutral.
The place is very nice and big, the hours are small, but there is a huge selection of jobs and an easy opportunity to find a second and even a third job. Who loves the ocean, the great beaches, the sun, this is the perfect place for him.

Experience with employer Cherie's Bike & Blade Rentals was positive.
Managers are wonderful, good-natured and friendly. The job is easy but is done outdoors and the hourly rate is $ 9.

This review represents personal opinion of Nina who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2018 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Cherie's Bike & Blade Rentals in Virginia Beach, VA.

Jan 17, 2020