Centerplate, Hyannis, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was neutral.
I was disappointed as to the organization. I got an offer to mid- April , and although it was a story that can choose between jobs offer ... I did not like because it was the word of a ferry in contact with the agency and a representative of the NYC interexchange I received a reply that if you can not refuse a turn off the air because it probably will not seek other jobs since the latter was "in accordance with the application ," even though not top my mind was not there, nor somebody mentioned that it can operate on the ferry !!!

Experience with location Hyannis, MA was negative.
The city was relatively small but it was a lot happening ... The second job I was looking for and it almost every day about a month, is to be found but the issue date. I came June 8, which was relatively late and most of the work was picked up at the end of May . as a 2nd job I worked at Burger King. For one hundred prefer night life there are several bars, pubs ie , tickets at $ 10-20 . People in the town were so well as in the whole of America a super sociable and some totally cool . As far as the climate is Mediterranean and has plenty of moisture and fog in the morning hours by one hundred have problems with asthma and so they can be really difficult staying there.

Experience with employer Centerplate was positive.
$ 8 , tips was banned but it can take an average for the whole season day is about $ 10 , monthly salary $ 1,600

This review represents personal opinion of Zeljko who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2010 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Centerplate in Hyannis, MA.

May 25, 2016