American Pool Virginia, Woodbridge, Virginia, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
I have very good experiences related to the agency, and the people who work in it, each of them was fair with us, during our stay in America, before and after.

Experience with location Woodbridge, VA was negative.
Small town near Washington extremely quiet place , with people I've met I have positive experiences . The only problem is finding a second job because the city lacked many nightclubs , bars and shops that work at night.

Experience with employer American Pool was positive.
Hours : 8-10 hours a day Hours per week: 50-60 Average tip 8,25 $ per 1 h Responsible job , not too difficult . My opinion is that it is the enjoyment doing this job in the United States during the summer.

This review represents personal opinion of Milos Dimitrijevic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at American Pool in Woodbridge, VA.

Aug 9, 2016