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  • They are very correct and helpful. A little better preparation bound to go to USA would not be bad.

  • All praise for the work of the agency , they have met their obligations on time and I had no problems as regards their work .

  • As for the departure and paperwork all great. A little disappointment about preparing themselves when it comes to just the city of departure with respect to the search for the first place of accommodation and of course extra work without which there is no return on investment.

  • Hmm positive , as far as the super agency did its job , I had great communication and all the time I was sent to every detail . I did not like those people with whom they cooperate, they are dishonest ... so in the end I went to the destination .. But I'm not complaining . It was great.

  • In agency had been employed those who had never been in the USA , and gave advice without any previous experience . In a way we are conditioned with to buy tickets in the Bravo agency in Belgrade , probably because they have a mutual deal. We received notice that after the expiry of work visas that we have to go back to Serbia , which would mean that we can not stay another month , which we had reservations for the trip, apparently they came such a notice from the embassy . Then we contacted the embassy and find out that this has nothing to do with the connection. To make sure we can stay until the end of our long and valid tourist visa .

  • They are responsible , quick , come out to meet you, have a good job offer ... But they stalled us with the purchase of airline tickets for their profits, later we figured out that we could previously buy the ticket and that no one should respond ...

  • Totally correct , I'm going for three years through them so, everything is clear . : D


Tome Maksimovića 7 lokal 3, Crveni krst, Vračar

+381 11 38 08 245


Četvrtog kraljevačkog bataljona 32, I sprat, lokal 8

+381 36 338 156


Bulevar Džordža Vašingtona 3/19

+382 20 201 305

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