Trident Seafoods, Naknek, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was neutral.
What can I say , a very correct view of the fact that I was rather dull, always kindly as regards information. I gave a neutral assessment because other students with whom I went to were not satisfied and a little due to company policy . They are generally more than correct

Experience with location Naknek, Alaska was neutral.
There is no possibility of finding another job or doing much so that it is technically impossible Accommodation: Accommodation is excellent, excellent conditions . Food is also great for American conditions , you have everything you wish for , every day at least 3 types of cooked meals, you will never be hungry. For accommodation in my company is charged $ 15 per day but only when it is over 8 hours , at the end of season returns $ 10 per day. So costs are negligible .

Experience with employer Trident Seafoods was positive.
7.75 , overtime 11.63 average is about $ 100 a day, clean without tax , at least in my case Job Description: Job seafood processor , the job is not so difficult , not smells fishy as people usually think, supervisors are correct , the job depends on the season . When there is no work , there's nothing like when there is love , and after 17 hours. I've worked on average slightly below 12 , some had each day shifts of 16 hours .

This review represents personal opinion of Marko B. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2011 with agency American Adventure, working at Trident Seafoods in Naknek, Alaska.

Jul 11, 2016