Rattlesnake island club , Rattlesnake island, Ohio , American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was positive.
Very satisfied with the cooperation with the agency, I have always received all the information on time from courteous and service lady. Each of praise and of course I'll stay faithful to them for the following year .

Experience with location Rattlesnake island, Ohio was neutral.
On the island can be done several jobs but with a schedule in the season sometimes after more than 14 hours a day .

Experience with employer Rattlesnake Island Club was positive.
Hours : indefinitely Number of hours per week : 80 Average tip : up to 250 a week The work was interesting , we changed positions and still be able to learn something new . In July and August we all had a lot of hours because of the crowds and high traffic .

This review represents personal opinion of Milena Niciforovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency American Adventure, working at Rattlesnake Island Club in Rattlesnake island, Ohio.

Aug 5, 2016