National park village, Estes park, Colorado, Inspirit

Experience with agency Inspirit was positive.
Often they do not have the answers, everything is getting done at the last minute. Should be a little more organized.

Experience with location Estes Park, CO was positive.
Mountainous town with about 10,000 inhabitants , during the summer there is approximately 300,000 tourists, some say that this year there were 500,000 people are good and want to help strangers. It's easy finding another job , I worked for a while 3 jobs at a time . The climate is pleasant during the summer , the temperature during the day is about 25 degrees. Lots of restaurants of different cuisines. Some 20-30 percent of the population are Mexicans , otherwise good people I worked along with many. Season starts in mid-June and lasts until mid-September. The city has a variety of festivals during the summer. Free bus transportation from June to September and run every half hour or so. Near Estes Park are the cities of Loveland , Fort Collins , Longmont at about 30-40 min drive and Denver an hour - hour and a half .

Experience with employer National Park Village was positive.
Hourly: 9.1 Hours per week: 40 The first job was in the Country Super Market, where I worked as a cashier and had a 9.1$ per hour. Great place to work, people are friendly, the managers have been also friendly with us and they taught us Spanish, and we taught them Serbian: D Otherwise within the market there is a special section where they made sandwiches, coffee and ice cream beside the registers I worked there too. In the market there were 5 of us from Serbia and two Ukrainians how much we felt as at home saying the fact that we set the Serbian flag on the roof of the market, and we were in some way attraction because of a different accent, so people were interested in who we are where we are, wanted to hear a lot about Serbia. Otherwise location is for each recommendation, to bad that I was graduate student otherwise i would again applyed to the program for the same position with the same employer. Another employer was in the Estes Park Brewery, this is a small local beer factory in whose part is the restaurant that only serves beer from the factory and gift shop, where I have worked as a food runner and had hourly rate $ 8.25 plus tip, which was about $ 50, depending on how much you get from the servers. Place realy had bunch of nations that were working there in the kitchen and they were mostly Mexicans and the rest of the staff was made up of Romanians, Moldavians, Americans, Uzbeks, and me as the only representative from Serbia. This is also a place to recommend, people are friendly, especially Mexicans who remind most of all on us: D And my third job, but not least, was the Wild Rose restaurant where I worked as a server and had rate of 5.25 dollars plus tip. Restaurant held by the Nepali people, so it was really interesting to work with such diverse people on three jobs, and from each of them you might even learn something.

This review represents personal opinion of Aleksandar Stosevski who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Inspirit, working at National Park Village in Estes Park, CO.

Jul 15, 2016