La Cantera Resort and Spa, San Antonio, TX, Vacante Speciale

Experience with agency Vacante Speciale was positive.
The agency seemed ok and I didn't have any problems. They helped and guided me when I needed it.

Experience with location San Antonio, TX was positive.
The very high temperature in the area where I was (San Antonio, Texas), but the people were very friendly and there were many places to visit nearby. Worth seeing. I had a good experience there.

Experience with employer La Cantera Resort and Spa was positive.
The employer was doing well with us and didn't make a difference between permanent and temporary workers coming to Work and Travel program. Always willing to help and provide you with good working conditions. I worked as a waiter

This review represents personal opinion of Razvan Sturza who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Vacante Speciale, working at La Cantera Resort and Spa in San Antonio, TX.

Oct 23, 2018