Hyatt Regency-Incline Village, Incline Village,Nevada, Intrax

Experience with agency Intrax was neutral.
Basically well, I was not demanding so there was no problem :)

Experience with location Incline Village, NV was positive.
The place is phenomenal, air clean, ordinary water is one of the best in America, I'm very pleased, people are pleased to always help if you need even the help yourself if you see that you need it, although I think it's everywhere in the US ...

Experience with employer Hyatt Regency was positive.
The manager of this part has been Alfredo Ponce for many years, mostly Mexicans, although he is always a couple from our territory Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria ... Steward is the same thing as dishwasher, although it also includes some cheeses of similar obligations, so if you got a Steward position, it's your suggestion that you get some sort of a better place in that department. Dishwaser is always needed. It's always bussy, it's busy every day, and it's hard to think for me. At any rate, whenever I was on the ground there, it depends again on the locations within the deparment, or if you somehow order it there. Setting up, for example, if you dishwasher at the Lone Eagle restaurant, I think it's easier because the main managers are not always there and a more relaxed atmosphere, but if you're in the hotel try at least be in the Siera restaurant because it's the same thing and the smaller the scope of work There is a position or how to say your daily duty within the Steward position other than the dishwasher. I was in charge of delivering ice for a beach and pier, delivery of pizza, food or some extraordinary delivery. This position is one of the weakest ones you can have as Steward so a table: - You drive it all in a truck, literally sit for 5-10 minutes and you have a minimum of 10 minutes during the shift and drive as easily as you fall psychically, because you are not in one place -You are free when you finish this delivery until you need something else or while you wait, for example, Pizza or food preparation during this time you are actually free only because you have to be there - The supervisors with whom you are working are very good people -This job is only in the morning of the shift from 7:30 to 16:00 so this time is fixed as the flaps for the second loan As for the overtime we had only when there was a bunch of bumps that happened only a couple of times, they mostly avoid giving overtime, but it may happen randomly that they need it. Every Sunday 40 hours for such positions you should not worry about The price for this position in 2018 was $ 12.25 Food is free of charge in the hotel I think it runs as a meal during a free-of-charge meal, although we could all always come to eat as much as we We almost had an extra stake in Raley's market and they are very correct. There were other things about it, but you had to do a little bit more All in all, it was great to have had the luck that a dishwasher had fallen into me (dishwashera), I would not recommend it, because it has easy jobs just because of it. The store was good at this place

This review represents personal opinion of Nino who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2018 with agency Intrax, working at Hyatt Regency in Incline Village, NV.

Mar 30, 2019