Holland America Princess, Fairbanks, AK, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
Correctly done their part of the job . As for the selections of the agency I would only note that it is very important to choose an agency based on the desired location. Simple, because, not all agencies offer all locations and some are " specialized" in certain places. Anyone who wants to go to Alaska I would without thinking recommend Ayusa.

Experience with location Fairbanks, AK was positive.
Fairbanks is a city in central Alaska, the second largest after the Anchorage. It has everything needed for daily life. Climate is quite decent, even after the arrival we had a very warm days with temperatures above 30C. There is no night until about mid-August, when the temperature begins to descend, so in early September mornings were just slightly above zero. In general, this year we were lucky, because, versus expectations for August and September, rain almost never happened. So you can toerate litle lower temperature very easily, especially because there were almost no wind . There is enough work , especially at the beginning of the season. Most is done by hypermarkets and hotels, so it is easy to find another, even a third job if necessary :) As for nightlife, there isn't nothing special. A pair of clubs / bars with an unusual way of partying for us Balkans. With time, people get used and there is always socializing at the apartments where can be a very good atmosphere :) Accommodation is very cheap, but I would recommend that you find it from Serbia, so that you would not be spending money on hotels in the beginning and to skippe the stress of finding accommodation that we had. Surrounding of the town is fantastic, close to Denali National Park, which you should visit for sure. I am sorry that people stick to the job and for the whole year they do not go out of the city so that they would not lose that shift, and have the opportunity to see the free nature and the scenes that people are separateing a lot of money and crossing the world to enjoy them. All in all, a complete place for this program, I would say.

Experience with employer Holland America Princess was positive.
Wage per our: 9 (plus 0.90 cents per hour at the end of the season) Hours per week: 40-45 Average tip (weekly): 0 I worked the second shift, which in principle you do not do anything, I would say that there is no better job than this one. Since I worked in the morning (for another job that was in the evening), I debated whether to give a general positive assessment. The positive side of the job dynamics (driving from hotel to hotel, airport ... all over the city and its surroundings) and that time of not doing anything when it is possible (sometimes a lot), while waiting for new tours with suitcases. Also, a lot of good joking among the workers, and there is no one that is hanging over your head all the time. The negative is that this is really a physical work, sometimes transported hundreds of suitcases, loading, and stuff like that. It is also paid relatively little (compared to other primary jobs that students have), no meal even though we have been working at the Westmark hotel literally looking fellow employees there to eat and we have to contrive through the fire exits so that we could nick some food :)). So this is not belms job, which I recommend (it is easier, better paid and has a tip), but the job bracket suitcase (conveyor). Another job I worked in the restaurant at the position of backwaiter and with it I am very pleased. Although the shift were almost without a break and the organization and operation are really at high level, with the minimum wage I had a really good tips. Also, you gain extensive experience, working with people, improve English etc ... I would only note that there are no many positions with some serious tips inthis town, jobs without tips are dominating, but wage per hour can be very good (10-12 usd / h ).

This review represents personal opinion of Dejan DImitrijevic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency AYUSA, working at Holland America Princess in Fairbanks, AK.

Aug 2, 2016