Estes Park Resort, Estes Park, Colorado, Inspirit

Experience with agency Inspirit was positive.
Very good cooperation with Inspirit agency, positive impressions. They were always available for any kind of help if I needed. Girls who work in agencies in all cities are very kind and nice. I got the job I wanted from the beginning and went to place i wanted so they made all my wishes to reality and they really are trying to explain everything to you and bring the story closer to the maximum. I did not hear that any of the students had any unpleasant situation with the Inspirit agency, while I heard about such situations for other agencies.

Experience with location Estes Park, CO was positive.
Estes Park is a national park and a small place and therefore it is easier to manage than in a larger city. Nature is beautiful and people in Colorado are generally more polite than in other countries. There are many different places for business such as hotels, shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes, etc. so there is a great opportunity to find another job. I am satisfied with both the place and the work, as well as the people I met there. There are many different cultures and peoples, so this is another item that I personally was very interesting about. I would recommend anyone to Estes Park, and if your goal is to make money and if your goal is to travel to have fun.

Experience with employer Estes Park Resort was positive.
Experience with employer is positive, too, as I have said before people are kind and they will listen to every your problem and help you maximize. They provided excellent accommodation for less money than other students paid for badly accommodations. If there was a problem with the check, they always tried to correct the error in the shortest possible time.

This review represents personal opinion of Aleksandra Bucan who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Inspirit, working at Estes Park Resort in Estes Park, CO.

Nov 13, 2017