Continental Pools, Leesburg, Work Abroad

Experience with agency Work Abroad was positive.
I am pleased with the work of the Agency , in particular the work of Dusan which is in preparation and paperwork was always there to help us , regularly respond to calls as well as e-mails , the Mint is doing his job . Each of praise for the work .

Experience with location Leesburg, VA was neutral.
I had no need to seek additional work - enough to me was how much I worked at the pool . Although buddies worked night clubs ...

Experience with employer Continental Pools was positive.
$ 7.75 / hour, overtime , about $ 12, except that I worked once a week and 60 hours , which means 20 hours of overtime.

This review represents personal opinion of Milica who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Work Abroad, working at Continental Pools in Leesburg, VA.

Jul 15, 2016