Continental Pools, Arlington, Virginia, Work Abroad

Experience with agency Work Abroad was positive.
My experience was really good. They did everything as they said they would do. Everything was perfectly organized. Before the interview at the ambasy they prepeared us so we don’t get scared and they were there waiting for us an congratulating us when we got our visas. They orginized the transportation from the airport and to the airport on my way back. While i was in the States the agency was always checking on me, asking if everything is okay, how am i, do i need any help with anything. I was really thrilled that they are showing interest in every one of us and that i can count on them if i need any help.i would recommend this agency to everyone because i really have good experience and that is why i am going with them again next year because i know everything is going to be perfect.

Experience with location Arlington, Virginia was positive.
Before i went to the States i asked a few pdople where should i go and they suggested Arlington and i they weren’t wrong. Even tough i didn’t have a metro station anywhere near my apartment we had everything else, all the stores that we need were right accross the street and we had a bus stop that could take us to the metro station, so everything was perfect. Arlington is a really nice city, very close to the DC, and it has a few place where we could go out on our day off. Plus there are a lot of options for finding a second job. And since it is in Virginia, the prices are lower that in the other States.

Experience with employer Continental Pools was positive.
I really liked working for Continental Pools, they gave me a lot of overtime hours which is really good. Whenever i need a hel at the pool, my supervisor would come right away, whenever i needed a day off they would give it to me. Working as a lifeguard is not really hard especially when you are working for the good company. Next year, i’m again going to be working for them because i know that it is the best choice.

This review represents personal opinion of Natasa Gavrilov who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Work Abroad, working at Continental Pools in Arlington, Virginia.

Dec 26, 2017