Congressional Country Club,Gaithersburg, MD, Work Abroad

Experience with agency Work Abroad was positive.
I am satisfied with the agency, all the praise .

Experience with location Gaithersburg, MD was neutral.
The place is very nice, but there are not many places to go out , close to the Washington , D.C.

Experience with employer Congressional Country Club was positive.
$ 7.25 per hour Number of hours per week : mainly I had overtime means 40+ Average tip : there is no basis, but overtime is paid 1.5 times more Description Employer : I worked every day from 10 am to 7 pm as a lifeguard. As far as other work , there was no need to search it , and I was not too interested in it , so I did not not sought . But there were plenty of shops, hotels, restaurants where you could not find another job . As far as accommodation is concerned, I lived in a house with three people , all Serbs . Accommodation I was paying $ 100 per week . With employer I agreed . I was eventually to Washington , D.C. , NY and the small cities around the Gaithersburg . It was super , I met a lot of people and I would go back to this program , too , I recommend it to everyone.

This review represents personal opinion of S.S. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Work Abroad, working at Congressional Country Club in Gaithersburg, MD.

Jul 26, 2016