Bike shop, Nantucket, Bravo Travel

Experience with agency Bravo Travel was negative.
The problem occurred when I wanted change return ticket . And not a week earlier than 3 months earlier . They simply did not want to respond to my email, sent me the wrong number and that's it . After that, I called the agency ( Lufthansa ) and arranged everything for a few minutes .

Experience with location Nantucket, MA was positive.
Nantucket is a great place to find more jobs. The only problem is that the season is really short, but because in July and August can be done and after 24/7. People friendly , night life- average.

Experience with employer Nantucket Bike Shop was positive.

This review represents personal opinion of Quagmire who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2011 with agency Bravo Travel, working at Nantucket Bike Shop in Nantucket, MA.

Jul 11, 2016