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27 Mar

Why Wildwood, NJ ?

When I was looking for Work & Travel location I was looking for touristic place with beach and sun. Wildwood was one them and the reason why I chose Wildwood is because it had everything I was looking for and good reviews here http://eworkandtravel.com/category/location/wildwood-nj/ .

A lot of Work & Travel students

If you want to meet a lot of young great people from all around the world who are in Wildwood for the same reason then you should definitely choose Wildwood.

Birthday party at Riste

Huge possibilities for finding extra jobs

There is a plenty of work in Wildwood. I was working two jobs as many others in Wildwood. Regarding work, there are many other towns close to Wildwood good for finding extra jobs such as Stone Harbor or Cape May.

Working at Compass Motel

Active nightlife

Every Monday was reserved for Euro party at The Deck at Holly Beach.  Party for all European Work & Travel students.

Party at The Deck

Close to big cities

Wildwood is located a few hours from Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York. All big cities you need to visit while you are on the East Coast.

The view of Manhattan, New York City.

It has a beach

Funny thing about the beach is that I was at the beach only four times during the whole summer but it is up to you if you wanna go to the beach or work.

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